Behind the Sofa: Celebrity Memories of Doctor Who, ed. Steve Berry

Second paragraph of third section (Tony Lee’s reminiscences):

You see, all my childhood I wanted to be a Time Lord. I wanted to travel in time and space and fight Daleks and the Master and do all that cool stuff I saw the Doctor doing every week. Doctor Who was much better than Star Trek, or Star Wars — an argument that caused much dissension in the playground — but I didn’t care. Unfortunately, as I grew up, my formative teenage years had no Doctor. He was on hiatus or, dare I say it — cancelled. But I never gave up. Even after the McGann wilderness years I soldiered on in time writing for TV, radio, comics — and waiting for the chance when I could write the Doctor’s stories for real.

This was a fundraiser for Alzheimer’s Research UK, complied in 2012 and updated in 2013, which does what it says on the tin – 100 celebrities with one or two pages each about their own ealiest memories of Doctor Who, with an introduction by Terry Pratchett (who is much politer about Doctor Who than I remember him being in person). I think the standout for me is Anneke Wills’ reaction to one of her old episodes being found, not quite what was requested but very moving in terms of recovering lost memories, which is the hope behind the compilation of the book. But it’s all very nice, and I think non-Whovians might enjoy it too.You can get it here.

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