Books unread

Help me decide what to read next year – I did this last year and the year before and found it very useful! (I will post a poll of the books I have read this year tomorrow, all being well; there are still a couple I may finish in the meantime.)

I included a text box for recommendations for or against particular books when I did this last year, but I think it is better to invite any such remarks to be posted as comments.

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  1. anonymous says:

    I’d agree with you on the nationalist side. The nationalist vote seems to be remaining static at around 42% and it would need to be a lot higher for two candidates to be elected. On the Unionist side I think the circumstances have changed considerably since 2009 though. Then the TUV were able to make capital out of opposition to the Saint Andrews agreement and Allister also had the incumbency factor on his side. He no longer has that and the TUV have been exposed as a busted flush with power sharing with the shinners rapidly becoming a dead issue now with unionist voters. I think the DUP would be daft not to run 2 candidates as they will be way beyond the 25% mark below which it would be a dodgy strategy (due to transfer leakage etc.) The key would be getting the right candidate for the west.

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