Braking Day by Adam Oyebanji (brief note)

Now that the Clarke shortlist is out, I’m posting my brief notes on those books which were not shortlisted and which I do not intend to reread. In many cases it’s because I didn’t think the book was all that good, though often enough (including today) it was a decent enough book which just didn’t end up in the top six, or clearly not sf or not a novel and therefore not eligible. There are about a dozen that I do intend to get back to in due course, so I won’t be publishing my original notes about them here.And we’re starting with Braking Day, by Adam Oyebanji.

Second paragraph of third chapter:

The pattern began to disappear. Slowly at first, then ever faster under tendrils of green mold that spread across the surface until all that was left of the plate beneath was its shape. And soon, not even that. The mold kept growing. Thicker and higher, and thicker and higher, until it was reaching his face and forcing his mouth apart and putting roots down in his throat.

The first of the 98 books submitted for the Arthur C. Clarke Award which I read. A good example of the generation starship tale, which held together very well though there were a couple of twists that didn’t quite work for me. Debut novel, so will look forward to more from this writer. You can get it here.

I’ll do these Mondays to Fridays until I run out. That will take several months.