British political trivia

What do the following British public figures of varying degrees of celebrity (or obscurity) have in common? They are listed in order.

Brian Faulkner (1922-1977), ex-Prime Minister of Northern Ireland
Betty Harvie Anderson (1913-1979), ex-Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons
Walter Monslow (1895-1966), ex-Labour MP
Stephen King-Hall (1893-1966), sailor, writer and ex-Independent MP
Benjamin Britten (1913-1976), composer
Tom Driberg (1905-1976), ex-MP (and supposedly KGB agent)
Nicholas Ridley (1929-1993), ex-Conservative minister
Joan Lestor (1931-1998), ex-Labour MP
Frederick Erroll (1914-2000), ex-Conservative minister (this one arguable)
James Chuter Ede (1882-1965), ex-Labour minister.

Answer later in the week.

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