Bye bye weekend

I exaggerate a little. But not much.

Had been hoping for a nice long weekend – this being a Catlick country, yesterday was a day off for Ascension Thursday (apparently the Merrykins get Monday off for some secular holiday).

But a certain piece of work that I’d been hoping to get on Wednesday did not arrive until 7.30 this evening (of course was waiting for it all day); meanwhile the deadline at the other end got tightened up to, er, right now. So I’ve spent the last two and a half hours turning it round. And now it is turned around. So that’s OK.

And I have to give a speech on European citizenship tomorrow morning which will mean leaving the house before 8 am. This is not nice on a Saturday. (But thanks, , for your help. And , I will probably be raiding ideas from that book you left behind.)

The winner in all of this is my mother-in-law, who was anxious about getting to the airport in time for her early flight home. Under the circumstances, that will not be a problem.

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