Christmas letter 2009

Nicholas: I continue to enjoy working as an Independent Diplomat. My office is in the shadow of the Berlaymont and I have been observing the EU’s development with considerable interest. As well as my ongoing work with the Turkish Cypriot team negotiating the reunification of the island – which is likely to accelerate dramatically come the New Year – I ended the year taking on the lead for ID’s work with the government of Southern Sudan, after a somewhat grueling visit to Juba. I went to a science fiction convention in Boston in February, and am also working up a small Irish history project on the side.

Anne: I was sorry to come to the end of the very enjoyable Dutch course just before Easter. Since then I have been busy doing odd jobs about the house. I was very pleased to discover that when Ursula needed specially adapted clothes I could make them myself. I also adapted a second hand television cupboard to try to protect the screen from Ursula. That is still a work in progress as the plexiglass in front of the TV is now covered in little scratches, but it’s a big improvement on what we had before.

We see Bridget as often as we can. Anne takes her for cuddly walks around the farmland where she lives; Nicholas likes to bring her to nearby parks for exercise. She seems to be happy in general. The staff at Delacroix work very hard to discuss any problems with us, look for creative solutions, and find activities that she will enjoy.

Fergal: I went away for a week’s holiday with my school this year, my first holiday without my family. I recently joined the local Scouts, where I’m able to see friends from my old school. I have the same teacher, classmates and classroom as last year, but I get to do music and stories as well as art, and “activity + new things in the activity = need for a new name”: last year it was ‘crea’ (short for ‘creativiteit’, which means ‘creativity’), now it’s called ‘Muzische vorming’ (education in the creative arts); next summer everything will change again.

Ursula too has stayed with the same teacher for one more year. She spends occasional weekends in Delacroix – the same building as Bridget but a different ‘house’ – and seems to enjoy the change of scene and the attention lavished on her by the staff. She spends a lot of time singing and dancing beautifully.

With our very best wishes and love for Christmas and the New Year,

Nicholas, Anne, Bridget, Fergal and Ursula

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