Cloning the archbishop

It’s a minority taste, I know, but I like to start my week by reading the “Tales from the Coffeeshop” column at the Cyprus Mail. This week’s entry has a particularly savage, and hilarious, go at the local Communist party for opportunism, and then turns to the current debate about the heart of Archbishop Makarios, which has been (I kid you not) on public display in his bedroom since 1977, but apparently is now to be interred, prompting a public row between his home village and the current (newly elected) Archbishop as to where it will end up. (The rest of the Archbishop is on top of a mountain, but it is not proposed to reunite his heart with the remainder of his remains.) The writer concludes,

All this anguish could be avoided if we did not bury the heart and instead sent it to our countryman, Dr Zavos, the cloning expert, who could reproduce the DNA and make us another Makarios or a few hundred. And the talk about a thousand Makarioses continuing the struggle would become a reality.

The article, if you care to read it, has a couple of other sfnal references (brain transplants, automata). And people ask me if my literary preference has any relevance to my day job!

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