Cross-border cooperation

You may have noticed that there’s a revolution going on in Kyrgyzstan.

As it happens one of our folks who works there is in the office today.

The Slovenian foreign ministry just emailed me to ask if we had anyone here who could personally brief their foreign minister about what’s going on. (Slovenia is chairing the OSCE at the moment, and the OSCE is the only international organisation that is likely to be able to intervene.)

So it looks like the briefing will take place using my mobile phone as I drive our chap to the airport, in about 30 minutes.

All very entertaining. Hopefully this will enable me too to find out what is going on in Kyrgyzstan.

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1 Response to Cross-border cooperation

  1. xipuloxx says:

    “are they arguing that the Union benefits everyone because they believe in the Union anyway as a matter of quasi-religious conviction, and are seeking rationalisations for that belief”

    I’m sure they are. But again, that’s like any belief. Religious people will always seek rationalisations for why their beliefs are right and best for everyone, and any facts that seem to contradict that will be ignored, or reinterpreted in a more positive light, and they’ll always be able to convince themselves why they’re right to do so. Political beliefs are no different IMO.

    What the UUP has historically been associated with is not something that can be changed now. Whether they can convince others that their brand of Unionism is the way forward remains to be seen. I think it’s unlikely, but personally I think they’re less objectionable than the ultra-Christian anti-science DUP, and since Unionism isn’t going to go away I’d like there to be some alternative to those nutters. 🙂

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