Daleks in Manhattan

I liked the human interactions, and the strenuous efforts to show New York realistically as it would have been in the 1930s, though not sure that the Empire State Building is visible at that angle from the Statue of Liberty – and how did the Doctor and Martha get across the water to Manhattan?

Though I did like the nod to the scene on the Empire State Building in The Chase. (Steve Lyons picks up on this also in Salvation, where Steven “remembered standing on its observation deck, in what seemed like another lifetime”.)

Not convinced by the Daleks though. As eloquently puts it, “Guy with a Dalek on his head does not equal DALEKS.” The whole point of the Daleks is that they are not humanoid at all; they have tried to absorb bits of human-style information over the years (Evil of the Daleks, The Genocide Machine) but untilamtely failed. No doubt they will fail again, and of course this is only the cult of Skaro not the mainstream Daleks, but it goes against the basics.

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