Dancing spots before your eyes

links to this cool illusion, and ponders whether it would be perceived differently by people with dyslexia and/or autism. I dunno but it was fun to look at. HOwever now I have pink dots dancing in front of my eyes.

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  1. caz963 says:

    Popped over via

    I’ve very recently worked my way through all 4 series of the Eight & Lucie adventures, so I’m fairly new to the while BF thing, but I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve heard so far (and have a long, rambly post in preparation!)

    I think what you say about the impact of Lucie’s death being a bit diluted by the others is true and I wonder whether there’s more of a Doylist explanation for the other two, in that BF just needed to write them out in preparation for Eight returning to the main DW line. Whatever the reason, it’s not especially satisfying. And yes, it seems odd that the Doctor doesn’t seem to be mourning his great-grandson at all, although I suppose he didn’t know him as well as he knew Lucie after all.

    In any case, I did like the story as a whole, despite these quibbles – and I’m glad to find there are people around these parts that are listening so that I can join in with discussions!

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