December Books 3) Thunderbird Falls

3) Thunderbird Falls, by C.E. Murphy

I regret that I haven’t been able to get hold of the first book in this series. Urban Shaman sold out, apparently, even on the side of the Atlantic where it was available, which is not this one. I did at least get hold of the short story that comes between the first and second books.

The heroine of Thunderbird Falls is a Seattle policewoman who turns out to have psychic powers, in an environment drawing substantially from Native American traditions, with a certain helping of Celtic lore and the author’s own imagination. It is very difficult to convey such a setting without falling into the trap of being either too twee or too earnestly evangelical, and it is very much to the author’s credit that she manages it; the dangers, both physical and psychic, to the narrator make it clear that this is very far from the fotherington-tomas “Hullo clouds hullo sky hullo sun etc” view of nature.

The plot, unfortunately, depends a bit on the heroine not asking certain important questions that occur to the reader (at least to this reader) fairly early on. OK, we are given good reasons why she doesn’t think her situation through, but it’s a nagging concern. Also, I was kind of hoping (this is the romantic in me) for a more definite resolution of the various sexual tensions surrounding our narrator’s life. Having said that, I really do hope there is another book to follow, and that I somehow get hold of the earlier one.

I was slightly thrown yesterday by someone on my friends-list referring to a car called Petite, owned by a character called Jo, and thought, “Gosh, that’s someone who’s reading the same book I’m reading…” …and then realised in fact it was the person who wrote the book that I was reading. It is a small world.

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