One thought on “Delicious LiveJournal Links for 10-24-2010

  1. I’m not ignoring them, I’m trying to find out what these threats to Greece are, now, that require them to have modern tanks, jet planes and submarines, now.
    You point to incidents between Turkey and Greece where things are made worse, not better, by the military build-up. A peaceful survey ship that could have been sunk, and fighter pilots fucking around.
    You point to the Korean war, but Korea was the border zone between the US and communist spheres of influence, the war a result of the military build-up on both sides.

    You haven’t pointed to anything that would suggest Greece is under threat of invasion, just vague monsters under the bed hand-waving that could be used to justify any level of military spending. (In the future, Russia might invade! The Greeks need to develop an independent nuclear deterrent today, just in case!)

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