Doctor Who: The Visual Dictionary

Second paragraph of third chapter:

Two Hearts
Time Lords have two hearts and a binary vascular system, which enables them to survive major accidents and many physical and temporal shocks that would kill a human being. They also have a respiratory by-pass system that enables them to survive without breathing for some time.

This is a very gorgeous catalogue of the concepts of New Who; not much more to say about it except again to emphasise that it looks very nice. My copy is from after the first Matt Smith series, ie the first five series of New Who, but at this stage you would be better to get the updated version.

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  1. I agree with Gareth, with the additional note that the driver of the plot — and the real source of evil — is the new spymaster at the Russian Embassy who comes up with the profoundly idiotic notion of bombing the observatory. “New boss has stupid ideas, demands you justify your position; this does not end well”is a plot that’s all too relevant today.

    Doug M.

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