One thought on “Don’t do this at work

  1. As an ex-awards administrator (BSFA awards in the late 90s/early 00s) I’m both saddened and slightly amused by the kerfuffle. I haven’t read a great deal of the commentary on this (I started reading Jones’ piece but I just couldn’t read the font) but there seems to be two issues:

    1. The legitimacy of Jones’ complaint about the domination of small press books. I’ll only say that when I was doing the BSFAs we used to have exactly the opposite complaints. i.e. too mainstream, not enough love for the small presses.

    2. The link between winners and administrators. Was never really an issue for me, not being a writer-type, though I would note that I never voted for the BSFAs when I was running them precisely to avoid any potential perceptions of bias. Some of my colleagues on the committee at the time said that they thought I was being a bit silly, but given recent controversy I’m even more glad that I did…

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