Fables vols 9 and 10

August Books 25) Fables vol 9: Sons of Empire, by Bill Willingham

This volume really illustrates the problems of passing meaningful judgement on subsets of an ongoing series. It is very bitty; the bits make sense as contributions to the entirety of the narrative, but don’t hang together especially well combined rather arbitrarily here. It doesn’t help that of the numerous artists involved, one or two are distiinctly sub-standard.

August Books 26) Fables vol 10: The Good Prince, by Bill Willingham

Having grumbled about the last few volumes in the series (including vol. 11 which I read a couple of months back) I am relieved to say that I really liked The Good Prince, in which Ambrose, the former Frog Prince, attempts to lead an army of the resurrected to establish his own haven of peace and tranquility on the territory of the Adversary. It’s a good story; I felt it was not totally consistent with the way we’ve been given to understand the magic of the Fables works, but basically I suppose it can be handwaved into compatibility. It is a good, chunky volume of ten issues of the comic, all very nicely done (with the awful exception of one interlude which is separate from the main narrative).

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