Facebook frankness

I’m startled by the frankness that some people put into their Facebook status updates. Just from my current screen:

A. is “smug and hungover.”
B. is just “hungover.”
C. is “a drunken rogue. Well, make that a hung-over rogue.”
D. is “a terrible flirt……”
E. is “in need of a hug.”
F. is “desperately procrastinating [explains about what]”

Disarming, but not sure I would want the whole world to know those things about me. If they were true. Which they aren’t. At least not many of them. At least not very often.

But you see what I mean?

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  1. nwhyte says:

    Yeah, though that wasn’t one of the ones still active at the time I was digging; and it was overturned rather quickly.

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