Facebook friendswheel

I find this fascinating:

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There are three big concentrations, colleagues from my former job at 11-12 o’clock, British Lib Dems at 4-5 o’clock and sf fans at 8-9 o’clock. But there are a few other concentrations I can identify as well; half a dozen ladies from Livejournal at 6 o’clock, relatives at 7-ish, Cambridge friends at 1-ish, Dublin friends at around 10 o’clock. Most of the top right quadrant is either people who didn’t fit any of those groups or people who the algorithm somehow couldn’t comfortably insert elsewhere where they might have belonged better, and between 3 and 4 o’clock is a peculiar jumble of Brussels contacts, IT sector contacts, Irish political contacts and Patrick Nielsen Hayden.

Is there a similar friends wheel algorithm for livejournal?

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