February Books 1) A Soldier in Time

1) A Soldier in Time: The Nicholas Courtney Memoirs, by Nicholas Courtney

I’m not sure what relationship this 2002 audiobook from Big Finish has to either his 1998 published autobiography, Five Rounds Rapid (edited by John Nathan-Turner) or the 2005 version, Still Getting Away With It (co-written by Michael McManus). It’s harmless enough stuff, somewhat jumbled chronologically at the beginning, the anecdotes about Doctor Who clearly well-honed by decades of retelling at conventions. Courtney is a more complex character than he lets on, with his lifelong commitment to Christianity only mildly expounded, and his activism with the actors’ union , Equity, touched on but not explained in any depth. The life of an actor is sketched in sufficient detail that I would be inclined to give this (in any of its incarnations) as a present to any young relative thinking of going on the stage. Those who want to hear about what it was like to be the Brigadier will be satisfied with this account. Those who hoped for a literary equivalent of Tom Baker’s memoirs will be disappointed.

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