February Books 15) The Invisibles [#1]: Say You want A Revolution

15) The Invisibles [#1]: Say You want A Revolution, by Grant Morrison (.co.uk, .com)

After this discussion I tried my local comic shop in Leuven and found very few of the titles recommended there. I did remember discussion of The Invisibles, strongly recommended by


, equally strongly disrecommended by


. I am surprised that any of them managed to get worked up about it either way. Dane McGowan, high-school drop-out from Liverpool, is recruited by the Invisibles, a motley group of eccentrics with super-powers working (presumably for the forces of Good) behind the scenes of world politics. There is a storyline set in a hidden London reminiscent of Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere – I see that actually dates from two years after The Invisibles first came out, so I wonder if Gaiman has acknowledged any inspiration? Difficult to believe he hadn’t read it. There is then another storyline set in the French Revolution with the Marquis de Sade playing a key role, but this got a bit self-indulgent and had a peculiar sub-plot involving Percy and Mary Shelley which didn’t seem to fit in with the rest. Perhaps it is all revealed in subsequent volumes, but I won’t rush to buy them.

Top UnSuggestions for this book:

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