February Books 16) 100%

16) 100%, by Paul Pope (.co.uk, .com)

Again, a fruit of this discussion from last week, and the only one I spotted in Forbidden Planet in New York. was impressed by this, and so am I. It’s a very well done story of six people, forming and unforming as couples, in the city where I am typing this but in the year 2038; the background is fairly incidental, and it reminded me a bit of Jason Lutes’ Berlin, though with less politics. criticised the artwork, but I thought it was fine.

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  1. thette says:

    It’s also likely to happen in the situation. Sometimes, sex is lethal.

    I don’t know, I see them as about equally nasty (with the nasty part being the bestiality), and I certainly wouldn’t have left the room if someone told the second one in my presence.

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