February Books 19) Humility Garden

19) Humility Garden, by Felicity Savage

I can’t remember who recommended this to me or how; for a first novel, published when the author was only 20, it’s pretty impressive, a portrayal of a viciously political city with interlocking dynamics of sex, species and death. It isn’t as good, though, as Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel books which have a very similar setting, and although it ends with a massive cliff-hanger I am not in a huge rush to track down the sequel.

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  1. andrewducker says:

    Also, “The kids did something exciting and were then not in the mood to concentrate” is hardly news.

    If they’d taken kids who never watched SpongeBob, had half of them watch an episode a day over two weeks, (while the other half didn’t) and then tested them all at a time which was at least an hour away from their watching of an episode and _then_ found differences, I’d be interested.

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