February Books 2) The Year of Intelligent Tigers

2) The Year of Intelligent Tigers, by Kate Orman

This had been recommended to me some time back by , so that’s the second good tip from her that I have followed up this week.

I enjoyed it. The amnesiac Eighth Doctor, with companions Fitz and Anji (who I previously encountered a few books later), is on an artistically inclined colony world where the indigenous large tiger-like fauna turn out to be more intelligent than their human neighbours had thought. Multiple narrative points of view, both human and tiger, vividly and credibly portrayed background scenery, and a very Doctor Who-ish, humanistic resolution to the conflict between the two races. Will look out for more by this author.

One thought on “February Books 2) The Year of Intelligent Tigers

  1. Nicholas, that was a very timely posting. I came across the book about one month ago in a dsicussion thread about the “monomyth” on LibraryThing.

    Following that thread I put “The Hero With a Thousand Faces” on my wish list in TheBookDepository. I was thinking of placing an order for it this week. Thanks to your review I will hold off on placing that order.

    Thank you!

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