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  1. User referenced to your post from A Space Age Christmas saying: […] 003. Already people can speak on the telephone to friends and relations thousands of miles away, and by 2003 you might even be able to see the person you are talking to, if the videophone comes into common use. Christmas messages might possibly also be sent on recording tape, and as this could well be the thickness of a human hair, such a tape would fit neatly into a small envelope. There are two theories about the kind of Christmas presents you might expect in 2003, and no one can say exactly which of them is correct. Because of the incredible advances in automation, machines might well be doing most of the work in our factories and offices, and so everyone might have much more leisure time. Many people believe that this will lead to a revival of handicrafts of all kinds, both because everyone will have more time for the craftsmanship involved and also because of the sheer unattractiveness of many mass-produced goods. So, if that theory is correct, Christmas presents in the year 2003 would probably be hand-made garments, handbound books, and beautifully-made objects in such materials as silver, gold, porcelain and fine china. The opposing theory argues that these handicrafts are being widely forgotten, and that there are fewer and fewer craftsmen, so that interest in handicrafts might eventually die completely. If that appens, your 2003 Christmas present is more likely to be something like a miniature pocket computer, or maybe a ticket fora day trip in orbit round the Earth!”

    From the Dr Who Annual 1974, source nwhyte on LJ […]

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