Further to last weekend’s entry…

Fergal’s bithday party went well, thanks for asking; just two hours of exhausting work for us. I actually spent most of the time looking after his sisters, while he and his three little friends played under the supervision of Anne and the babysitter.

We had a good long chat today with a friend of my mother-in-law (m-i-l herself is actually a retired psychiatrist who specialised in children with learning disabilities, but has never tried to impose her professional credentials on us, thank goodness) who does assessments for the local autism unit (or whatever it is). She reckoned that Fergal is behind with his expressive language, but ahead in all kinds of other ways and anyway nowhere near the autistic spectrum. More or less what we thought too but good to have it confirmed by a professional. If the Belgians can give him extra speech therapy (through Dutch, of course) it he next school year presumably that will help.

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  1. irishkate says:

    This sounds potentially very bad – not even accounting for lack of access to food etc…..

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