I will post more on this later, with audio evidence, but I am fascinated by the fact that the theme music for the Gallifrey series of audio plays, featuring ex-Doctor Who companions Romana and Leela, sounds very similar to the theme music for Torchwood, which features ex-Doctor Who companion Jack Harkness.


One thought on “Gallifrey

  1. Re your first point – yes, that’s certainly what I meant to say, but perhaps sumamrised too brutally.

    Re your second point – I had not realised this, but indeed a calendar is seen in the very last episode which specifies the year as 2026. There is a forensic analysis of the issue here. My own instinct is that 2026 was a mistake and 2065-66 was the intended setting, but there’s clearly as much room for debate here (and for about as much use) as for the UNIT dating controversy.

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