One thought on “Good thoughts please folks…

  1. I admire your generosity to allow unorthodox, that is insane, contributors to post here. But why, Mr Whyte, why, why, are you repeating every tenth line that orthodoxy = sanity and unorthodoxy = insanity? An axiom, a postulate needs no infinite repetition. So why?
    Lao Tse, the chinese wizard, may supply the appropriate answer: he that stands on his toes, stands not stably.
    I’m insane, that’s sure. Possibly Lao Tse too.

    But allow me, insane man, to add a question. About title-pages it is. Was Yorkshire Tragedy written by William Shakespeare? No, orthodox (sane) scholars say, But his name was on the title-page. Are those orthodox scholars insane? If so, I welcome them. And there is more. Do you demand to list more instances? Let me know.

    You might have to revise the by-laws of your sanatorium.

    But it is great you are listening to insane people.


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