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From Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty:


Georgia’s National Security Council ruled on 16 April that the holding of a women’s World Chess Championship in Batumi in late May or early June is inexpedient because the presence in Adjaria of illegal armed formations poses a threat to participants, Caucasus Press reported. Adjar Supreme Council Chairman Aslan Abashidze reached agreement on 15 April with Kalmyk President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, who heads the World Chess Federation (FIDE), on hosting the championship. Georgian Minister of Culture and Sport Giorgi Gabashvili told journalists on 19 April that the Georgian government has proposed to FIDE that the championship be held elsewhere in Georgia. Zurab Azmaiparishvili, who is Georgian Chess Federation president and FIDE vice president, argued on 17 April that holding the tournament in Batumi would contribute to defusing tensions between Abashidze and the Georgian central government, Caucasus Press reported. Azmaiparishvili met on 19 April with Georgian Prime Minister Zurab Zhvania to discuss the issue, which Zhvania asked for two days to resolve.

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  1. applez says:

    I do wonder how that mobility function is holding up. The big difference with these wars have been:

    – Large and frequent activation of reservists who had gainful employment (now lost in many cases)

    – Thin(-ing) veteran’s benefits which inadequately funded the basics for that undergraduate university education that was the hallmark of the 1980s-90s all-volunteer military recruitment drive.

    – No job once service was completed, especially in those marginal regions…the primary social mobility employers are then either public sector (which have taken a budget mauling) or re-enlistment.

    There are plenty of exceptions, but in the absence of a diverse domestic economy to reabsorb veterans, I wonder how much mobility we’re actually witnessing.

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