Holiday drawing to an end

So, I’ve had my almost three weeks of recharging my batteries in the heart of County Down, and wish I could have the same again. But tomorrow the long drive to Kidderminster, and on Sunday the long drive from there back to Belgium, and then on Monday back to work. (Plus I’m then travelling in the Balkans from today week to today fortnight.)

It’s been a quiet break. Most years we engage in a manic round of seeing old friends and Doing Things; our only such excursion this year was to see F’s godfather, who isn’t very independently mobile.

But the highlight was certainly the trampoline, bought for his nieces and nephew by . It’s not easy to get the girls to cooperate fully with photography, but I did get at least proof that B was jumping (the fiendish split-second delay on the digital camera is a real bane):

U is still not totally happy about being photographed, so the “jumping” picture is less convincing, but in fact she used it more than the other two put together (despite the effect the static electricity had on her hair):

F of course knows about posing for the camera:

All great fun, and yet also strangely reminiscent of Philippe Halsman’s pictures of Richard Nixon, and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, jumping:

Be that as it may, I’m glad to have had this break, especially since it was combined with Worldcon. And now I hear that MeCon will be next August, so I may be able to get my fix next year as well.

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  1. nwhyte says:

    The former is the case, I believe. Though there are occasional variations on it – the 1971 annual in particular is very good both in terms of the characters looking like who they are meant to be and the literary quality of the stories.

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