How common is your name?

Inspired by trying to remember where is (there are 16 people called Nicholas Whyte in the UK, apparently), I’m using this entry to bookmark the following:

UCL’s surname profiler, which shows Whytes of Great Britain concentrated in eastern Scotland (Angus and Fife in 1881; shifting north by 1998), and my wife’s maiden name concentrated in North Yorkshire in 1881 and mysteriously absent in 1998.

US Census Bureau – gives you total numbers and ranking of your name in the US. (Whyte is the 4460th most common name in the US, with a frequency of 0.003%, ie about 1 in 30,000. Nicholas is the 64th most common first name, with a frequency of 0.275%, 1 in 36.)

Nice map of US surname distribution. (Whytes very much absent from the Deep South; concentrated in New York and Washington. My wife’s maiden name appears only in North Carolina.)

There are presumably equivalents for other countries.

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