I see the Hugo nominees are now out (and the story of how the list hit the web is an interesting study in the transmission of information in itself).

For the first time since I started following these things properly, I don’t think I have read a single one of the fiction nominees, either short or long. Will put that right of course. I have at least seen three out of five of the Short Form Best Dramatic Presentation nominees (the four Doctor Who episodes) and read one of the Best Related nominees.

One or two people have noticed the rather shocking fact that precisely one of the twenty fiction nominees is by a woman (His Majesty’s Dragon, by Naomi Novik). On the one hand, she should be comforted that women have scored better in the Best Novel category over the last few years (four of the last ten winners, with eleven novels by women among the fifty-one nominees).

On the other hand, as I’ve pointed out before, the Hugos are much more male than the Nebulas: in the last ten years (ie Nebulas dated 1996-2005, Hugos 1997-2006) women have won 23 of 40 Nebulas (57.5%) but only 9 out of 40 Hugos (22.5%). I’m critical of the Nebulas in general but this is one respect in which they have a better record than the Hugos.

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  1. nwhyte says:

    It’s a small world!

    (I note that one of the authors on the list has also responded.)

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