Hugos 2023: Best Fan Artist and Best Professional Artist

Not too much commentary here: I know what I like and what I don’t like, and I also know that my tastes don’t always correspond to the wider electorate.

Best Fan Artist

Slightly surprised here that none of the finalists is living in China – this is often a low-turnout category at nominations stage. Anyway, here we go:

6) Orion Smith

Sorry, this didn’t do much for me.
5) España Sherriff

Not much to judge from in the packet.
4) Iain Clarke

I generally like his stuff a lot, but I liked other submissions more this year.
3) Alison Scott

This is the most interesting piece, a moody tribute to Jan Pieńkowski (partly AI-generated).
2) Laya Rose

This was the only art in the packet that really grabbed me.
1) Richard Man

Very unusual to have a photographer in this category, but his series of portraits of leading figures in the SF community is very charming and evocative.

Best Professional Artist

A much stronger Chinese presence here, some of it of really gorgeous quality.

6) Paul Lewin.

Only one piece submitted, and it’s OK, but others are better,
5) Kuri Huang

Gorgeous use of colours and movement. Not quite so sure about the human figures.
4) Jian Zhiang

Breathtaking future machinery, reminiscent of Chris Foss. A bit sterile.
3) Enzhe Zhao

More future machinery, but this time with a little bit more humanity to put it in scale.
2) Alissa Wynans

Nicely framed studies of human or animal figures in a lush fantastic background.
1) Silja Hong

This gorgeous set of images really did take my breath away.

2023 Hugos:
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