I do not endorse any of this

From the Exile, giving a particular view from Moscow:

Russian take on Ukrainian elections

Both Yanukovitch and Yushchenko are big huge swine-looking bureaucrats, both ex-prime-ministers… Those Ukranian gentlemen cannot be trusted… the strongest argument was that Yanukovitch was twice or three times sentenced for criminal offences. I argued them, me also. I was sentenced to four years but does it make me less honest man, then my fellows Russians? Journalists have said — No, it doesn’t make you less honest.

More on Ukrainian elections

The official outcome was hardly surprising. Viktor Yanukovich’s campaign manager predicted that he’d win by 3 percent months before the election, which, surprise, is exactly what he won by.

Ancient history revisited

“Written languages may be useful for Romans, but it does not suit our specific culture.”

The 2004 Quagmire Bowl: Iraq vs. Chechnya

There were about 1.3 million people living in Chechnya in 1991, but the population has since shrunk faster than a penis in icewater.

Marketing Bacardi

Sasha has proved that Russia can be guided forward correctly. You think perhaps it is “undemocratic” to not let the patrons to drink what they want. But you are wrong

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  1. Translating is indeed a hard but ultimately rewarding job when you see people appreciating your work. And translating fiction is one level above any other translation anyway.

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