IKEA again

We put up all the new shelves today, children dancing around us merrily.

And the we rearranged all my sf books onto the new shelves.

Category 1: sf and fantasy novels or collections of stories by a single author: roughly 500.

Category 2: sf and fantasy anthologies of stories by different authors: roughly 100.

Category 3: books about sf or fantasy literature: 15.

Category 4: issues of digest-size magazines (Analog, Asimov’s, F&SF): 15.

It looks glorious, thanks largely to my lady wife. And there even appears to be some space left. But not for long, I suspect.

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1 Response to IKEA again

  1. andrewducker says:

    Small Gods is winning so far (and I ticked it as my favourite). I think you’re right about it capturing something essential to Pratchett.

    I liked Anansi Boys the most out of Gaiman’s mainstream novels, but Stardust felt magical to me in a way none of his other books have. Generally, I’m not that impressed by Gaiman as a novellist, I vastly prefer his comics and short story work.

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