I’m tougher than you are (possibly)

watch nhw fight
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  1. matgb says:

    “who spent much time and effort engaging in petty lawsuits” – untrue, in that we have records of a handful of cases over a number of years; and also irrelevant to the authorship question.

    And also fairly normal for people of his class and standing at that time–read a book on the history of Exeter over the same period, made it clear that the burghers and aldermen were constantly taking each other to court, sometimes over minor little things–it was considered normal, part of business,a nd they don’t appear to have taken it at all personally. Whether Stratford was the same as Exeter I know not, but IIRC the author posited that was why boroughs and counties each got two MPs, so that each side in every case had a representative in London…

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