Imagine my surprise

Alas, this is copyright so has to be friends-locked for now – I want to try and get permission to publish it on my elections website.

I’ve just been granted access to the on-line archive of government papers from the Stormont era, 1921-1972, and came across an impassioned internal discussion paper arguing for the re-introduction of proportional representation in local government elections. What really surprised me was that the author was John D. Taylor, now Lord Kilclooney. While he is not the most hard-line figure among Unionists, I have never considered him to be exactly a raving moderate.

Full paper for the interested (three scanned pages, very large images) behind the cut.

One thought on “Imagine my surprise

  1. I lost a great deal of respect for Mark Rylance when I discovered that he was an Oxfordian of the “no provincial shopkeeper’s son could have written that!” type.

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