In praise of Chambré Public Affairs

I don’t actually follow Northern Irish news all that closely these days, but one of the ways I keep in touch is to read the weekly political update from lobbying firm Chambré Public Affairs (I still feel a bit guilty about nearly putting the author’s eye out with an arrow from a toy bow when he was five and I was six). Here’s a glorious piece of snark from this week’s edition, about the conduct of the successful candidates in this week’s election:

Doing the Hokey Cokey

PUT your right arm in, pull your right arm out, do the hokey cokey… Poll-topper Bairbre de Brún must have felt like she was in a weird version of the playground game at Monday’s European election count in Belfast’s Kings Hall.

She congratulated Jim Nicholson with a handshake, but when she put her hand out to the DUP’s Diane Dodds, the newly elected MEP steadfastly refused to shake the proffered digits of Ms de Brún.

Mrs Dodds said the DUP wasn’t there to be “best buddies with anybody”.

Mission achieved then Diane!

I believe subscription is free from the Chambré website.

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  1. nwhyte says:

    Gosh, Barry Murphy’s comment demonstrates that great minds think alike, sometimes to the exact same word!

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