January Books 28) Ta Hsüeh and Chung Yung

This is the Penguin edition of two of the Four Books of Confucian learning, their titles respectively translated as The Highest Order of Cultivation and On the Practice of the Mean. It is a bit of a shame that Penguin chose to stick to the old Wade-Giles transliteration; in the pin-yin more often used today the titles are Daxue and Zhongyong. (Or to be pedantic, 大學 and 中庸.) Although the two books are mercifully short, I found their conservative, paternalistic world view unappealing; a society built on this philosophy could easily become stagnated. I don’t have much knowledge of China, and this was probably not a good place to start broadening it (and perhaps it would have been better if not on an intercontinental red-eye at the time).

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  1. daveon says:

    Mid-1990s? Was there a reason for the setting? Or was that when it was written?

    I actually find mid-1980s a slightly more interesting time for writing Ireland as the rural areas where in the middle of a huge transition. I think Cappamore (our home town) got magical things like direct dial phones and so forth around ’85.

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