Juba and New York

I have a mega-trip coming up at the start of next month.

For the first week of November I shall be on mission in Juba, the capital of Southern Sudan. I have never visited any part of Africa before, and would very much welcome tips from those who have been there (looking especially at , who I trust will be discreet about this).

A rather punishing flight schedule then deposits me in New York for a prolonged staff meeting starting on the 8th. I believe that my evenings are fairly free – I’m wondering about organising a pub-meet or dinner with LJ friends and other in New York, probably on the 9th or 10th – any interest?

(This post friends-locked to deter potential burglars and agents of Khartoum.)

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  1. Well, 4 and 3 are just messes on a bit of paper, 2 and 1 are actual pictures, and have actual design. So, I’d go with them.

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