One thought on “June Books 4) Impossible Stories

  1. Well friends ..I too have been intrigued by geography of Jules Verne’s Around the World in 80 Days….right since my childhood…
    I belong to a place called Manikpur ( in Bundelkhand region) which is a major railway junction on BAOMBAY – CALCUTTA line, near Allahabad since introduction of Railways in India.
    While agree that KOTHI could be the KHOLBY of jules Verne, however even KARWI..( near CHIRAKOOT) is also a close contender. Karwi (25°12′N 80°54′E / 25.2°N 80.9°E / 25.2; 80.9) is a town in Chitrakoot district of Uttar Pradesh in India. Before the Sepoy Mutiny ( 1857) it was the residence of a Maratha noble, ..distance between Karwi and Allahabad is 61.15 miles….which is closer to Jules 50 miles …

    hope this helps

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