Labour invokes Doctor Who, again

I mentioned the subtle invocation of the Third and Tenth Doctors by the first Labour election spot last week; the latest one is introduced by Peter Davison, who is the only named speaker, and again closed out by David Tennant. As Nick Barlow says, one almost expects them to tell us that there’s a hole in the economy the exact size of Belgium.

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  1. wwhyte says:

    Not sure it’s fair to criticize people for taking Hayek seriously, as opposed to Road to Serfdom. He did good work (with von Mises) on the socialist calculation problem and is one of the great theoreticians of pricing signals. The reputation of Road to Serfdom suffers from it being written as a prediction, when in fact it was more propaganda, designed to move the Overton window by shifting one extreme of the debate so the middle of the debate ended up closer to where Hayek wanted it. As a prediction, it’s obviously false, but as propaganda for the small-government side it isn’t stupid.

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