Links I found interesting for 21-12-2015

One thought on “Links I found interesting for 21-12-2015

  1. I am doubtful about the direct effect of one year’s election result (ie numbers of councillors) on the next. Both are themselves effects of wider political factors. I will agree that UKIP gaining councillors at the last election, and the BNP losing them, can be considered an indication that their votes are trending up and down respectively.

    Councillor numbers in themselves tell us little, though, and can be misleading. Having councillors elected can be a mixed blessing in the medium term for a small and inexperienced party which does not know how to use them effectively. Activists who have won are distracted by council business; better-established political parties can become magnets for the more able and/or perceptive; gaps in messaging, structure and discipline are more brutally exposed.

    Organisational and financial difficulties are of course a different matter. If you can’t raise the basic money for the campaign, and don’t have the activists to carry out basic campaigning tasks, then you are not going to reach many voters because they simply won’t know who you are until they see the ballot paper.

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