Livejournal spam, in two different varieties

I’ve been getting two somewhat different types of comment spam over the last few weeks, and wonder if any of the rest of you have been getting the same.

Version 1 consists of utterly off-topic anonymous comments to this post, presumably by people who disagree with or dislike the author. It started with a query about how to fix Internet Explorer, then another about how to fix winstall.exe, a BAD CREDIT HOME LOAN comment, a request for help designing websites, an advert for a bestiality site, and another actual advert. Following advice from  and , I’ve been deleting them and flagging them as spam to Livejournal. Anyone else experienced anything like this?

Version 2 is a bit weirder; a series of sock-puppet lj accounts who post what appear to be interesting and interactive comments, but then you follow the link back to their journal and it has just one or two entries, full of somewhat unsolicited and very hyperlinked sex advice. I tend to delete the comments, mark them as spam, ban the commenter, and not follow any of the links; but I am wondering if this is related to the first set of harassing comments, or if it is different? Again, I would be interested to know if any of the rest of you have been experiencing this (the harassing accounts include , ,  and , which gives you some idea of the content of their journals without your having to read them).

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