March Books 3) I Am Legend

3) I Am Legend, by Richard Matheson

A brilliant short novel: what would things be like if the vampires actually won? The horror of the situation, of the loneliness of the last remaining human, his desperation, his bitter disappointments, superbly well portrayed. I saw someone on my f-list recommend this a couple of weeks ago; I heartily endorse that recommendation.

One thought on “March Books 3) I Am Legend

  1. I’m giving the three Glenelly wards roughly 2000 Unionist votes, 800-900 SF and roughly 250 SDLP (150 in Assembly election where vote dipped). The SDLP were only 500 votes ahead of SF in Foyle in the last Assembly election so that’s enough to make the difference as to who is lead party, though as I said I expect the SDLP still to be ahead in Westminster and to take a third Assembly seat.

    Agreed that SF have a shot at a fourth seat in Mid Tyrone, but it would be at expense of SDLP rather than Unionists, and requires SDLP to screw up again.

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