March Books 32) Doctor Who – The Edge of Destruction

32) Doctor Who – The Edge of Destruction, by Nigel Robinson

Robinson has taken a two-episode story and padded it out with some interesting new material of Ian and Barbara exploring the depths of the Tardis. Unfortunately, Robinson’s own prose style is thunderously bad in places. For completists only.

One thought on “March Books 32) Doctor Who – The Edge of Destruction

  1. North Down is awfully random. The new boundaries bring in a fair whack of SDLP votes, which won’t get them a seat, but may cause some sorting out of the non-Unionist candidates.

    Also the Alliance Ards vote at 20% isn’t that much higher than the average 18% from the existing North Down constituency. It doesn’t do any harm, but certainly not enough for me to call a second Alliance seat.

    Having said that, I thought (and said to senior party figures) Alliance were mad to run two candidates this year for the Assembly, and they came within 99.34 votes of getting both in…

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