March Books 7) Doctor Who Annual 1969

This is another 96-page annual, slightly different in format from previous ones – lots of very short stories (ten altogether, plus another two comic strips) and also lots of info pages mostly about astronomy and space travel. The artist(s) totally fail to draw either Jamie or Victoria at all well (in the first strip – which is pretty awful – the female companion is identified as ‘Polly’ but is dark-haired). The stories start off rather poor but get better towards the middle – though rather oddly, both the second strip, “Atoms Infinite”, and the next but one story, “The Microtron Men” have the same plot. Also the Doctor is consistently identified as coming from Earth, just at the point when the TV series was starting to stress his non-human origins more. And irritating usage of “Dr. Who” addressing the companions directly as “children”, which I don’t think we ever got from the Second Doctor on screen. Apparently this is the easiest of the older annuals to find, but only completists need bother.

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    Yep, those are the guys!

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