Martin Lukes: Who Moved My Blackberry, by Lucy Kellaway

Second email of March:

From: Martin Lukes
To: Keri Tartt

Hi Keri
How are you this morning? Great outfit! If you’ve got a mo, a large latte and a pain au chocolat would go down nicely. Also a big bag of felt pens – I’d like some thin ones and some of those big chunky highlighters and some A3 paper
Tx Martin

Classic novel of corporate life in London, as expressed through the emails of Martin Lukes, both self-obsessed and utterly un-self-aware, working through hubris, nemesis, and just possibly catharsis. You can spot pretty early on what is going to happen – as soon as the attractive new PA comes on the scene, it basically writes itself (her surname is actually Tartt, in case you needed the obvious pointed out to you even more clearly) – but having said that I anticipated the middle part of the book, Kellaway brings in a couple of twists at the end that I admit I did not expect. The behaviour of people engaging in office politics with added sex is brutally and mesmerisingly portrayed. Usually she is accurate, sometimes unnervingly so:

Recommended, and you can get it hereThe Great Glowing Coils of the Universe, by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor (the second volume of the Welcome to Night Vale scripts).

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