May Books 13) The Druid King

13) The Druid King, by Norman Spinrad

The story of Vercingetorix vs Julius Caesar, not really successful because Spinrad can’t quite make up his mind whether it is fantasy or not, and whether it is for adults or young adults. Well, it will be useful background when I get around to reading Caesar himself.

One thought on “May Books 13) The Druid King

  1. I like Rankin — very high-quality airport. (As I spend a great deal of time in airports, that is by no means condescending praise.) IIRC, we learn in this instalment that our hero’s ould gaffer was a displaced person, originally from Poland, who found his way to Scotland after WWII. That would plausibly explain Rebus’s aversion to xenophobia. Perhaps it also explains Rebus’s not-too-Scots-sounding surname. “Rebus” might not sound very Polish either, but I believe they are an old Masurian szlachta family, herbu Łamigłówka.

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