More work video

First few minutes of this features my colleague in our Washington office (who used to run Kosovo).

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  1. anonymous says:

    I wonder if there is anybody at all in the “LibDem” party who is remotely interested in human life.

    If so they will either wish to explain why the following is wrong or why Chris Huhne and anybody who supports him is unfit for any public service:

    Arguably the most important piece of infrastructure in the country is the grid (transmission and distribution). If it fails the economic damage will be enormous and people will die by the thousand. How long can most people survive with no electricity (for most people this means no shops, no travelling, no frozen food, no cooking, no heating, no work, etc etc). So you would think that the most important job of the energy ministers would be maintaining the integrity of the grid. This means ensuring that the grid code is rigorously applied, i.e. that generators connected to the grid enhance its stability and integrity. So what do we find? Well of course the grid code is relaxed so that harmful generators like wind turbines can be connected to the grid. And what does our chief energy minister think of a policy designed to destroy this most important piece of infrastructure? He thinks wind turbines are pretty and beautiful. Truly we are governed by buffoons.

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