My favourite book(s)

It is going to be tricky to answer questions like this otherwise than going on about The Lord of the Rings, which really is my favourite book ever but maybe is not such an interesting answer. One other book that I rate very highly is George Eliot’s Middlemarch, which puts a very human face on a historical period of rapid social, political and technological change – it may seem odd to say this, but I find it in some ways a rather sfnal novel, dealing as it does with the social impact of new knowledge, if admittedly from a historical rather than futuristic perspective. It is years since I last read it, and we don’t seem to have a copy in the house, but that is easily remedied.

A couple of other books that blew me away: Mary Gentle’s Ash, with its amazing rewriting of the later Middle Ages (and I am sorry to say that I have not really enjoyed any of her other books); and on a completely different and more sombre note, the Lost Lives anthology of the lives and deaths of victims of the Troubles in Northern Ireland, which I have not actually finished but which left a searing impression.

Day 01 – Your favourite series of books (with more than 3 in the series)
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Day 04 – Your favorite book ever
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Day 08 – Your favourite work in translation
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Day 30 – Saddest character death

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  1. Interestingly, he has never said that. (Though I also would caution against underrating the vigour of Swedish territorial defence.)

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