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  1. I was organizing the science track for the 1991 Worldcon when, somewhat to my surprise, Cliff Stoll volunteered to speak. I was eager to have him, because I was planning a bunch of program items about networking and the social implications of computer use. I had an inkling these might be important in the future. (The Web had been invented the previous year, but I hadn’t heard about it yet.)

    I also put Bruce Schneier, Mike Godwin, Eric Raymond, and Steve Jackson– whose game-publishing company had recently been raided by authorities– on the program.

    Cliff gave a wonderful presentation about the Cuckoo’s Egg affair in his uniquely antic style.

    Another thing from that weekend: After he arrived, Cliff mentioned that an old friend had recently moved to Chicago, someone he was trying to persuade to attend the Worldcon. As he described his pal, a fellow astronomer who had recently become a Jesuit, a light began to dawn. I’d had no idea Cliff Stoll knew Guy Consolmagno. And no idea that Guy, having passed through the novitiate, had landed in the Windy City!.

    This was terrific news; Brother Guy, who I knew slightly, was to spend a couple of years here, allowing us to get to know one another much better.

    Chicon V’s Program Ops even managed to find a spot on a panel for Guy on extremely short notice.

    It turned out to be a pretty good science track.

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